First time in the lab: Everything suddenly made sense


You can do a lot of reading, but lab experiments cannot be replaced by words and paper. For Pharmacy at UCPH it’s a key point that all students get plenty of experience in the well-equipped and up-to-date laboratories.

I study pharmnacy because I love how chemistry and biology works together witch enables us to work with the product here in the laboratory. Se pharmacy student Rakel explains why she can't just learn from a book how to use a pipette.

Pharma at the University of Copenhagen does research into drug development and use and runs one of Denmark's two five-year master's degree programmes in pharmacy as well as several continuing and further education programmes.


  • Pharmacy at UCPH is among the world’s top 25 in this area on the most prestigious university rankings

  • Around 170 pharmacy students graduate from the University of Copenhagen every year. The degree programme has existed since 1892.

  • Some 65 percent work in the pharmaceutical industry, 20 percent are employed by hospitals and around 15 percent work for privately owned pharmacies.

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