Ida from Deloitte brings practice into teaching


As an external Faculty of Law lecturer, Ida is an important source of knowledge for her students to hear about the most current issues in class

At Deloitte, Ida Brandt Norris advises companies on tax due diligence, restructurings and other tax issues. At the University of Copenhagen, she teaches advanced tax law to law students as an external lecturer.

External lecturers bring their knowledge, practical experience and industry know-how to the University's courses. They are an important supplement to the courses that the faculty's researchers are responsible for. The outcome is that new UCPH law graduates both have a strong core expertise and practical knowledge. This enables them to create legal solutions for a rapidly developing job market and society.



  • Ida Brandt Norris, who appears in the film, is one of around 400 external lecturers who bring their practical experiences and industry know-how to the teaching table at the Faculty of Law.

  • External lecturers usually have their main job in, for example, ministries, private firms or the legal system and they give courses to law students on the subject in which they are experts.