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Climate 08/03 2019

Melting ice sheet transports sand worth billions

New research shows that the continuing increase in melt from the Greenland Ice Sheet leads to enormous sand deposits along the Greenland coast. And the deposits create a great income opportunity for the country struggling with a fragile economy.

counterfeit goods 25/02 2019

New weapon to combat counterfeit goods

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have invented a chemical fingerprint that, when used with a phone app, reveals whether a product is genuine or a fake. The fingerprints have been tested and earned a 100% success rate.

DNA 26/02 2019

Researchers discover ’Chromosome Scanner’ that Protects Against Cancer

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have identified one of the main mechanisms behind the repair of serious damage to the human DNA.

Collaboration 28/02 2019

University alliance will create European programmes

The University of Copenhagen is joining the university alliance 4EU+, which is to educate Europeans who can work together across languages, borders and disciplines. 4EU+ has just applied for funding for the alliance through the Erasmus programme.

archaeology 24/01 2019

11,500-year-old animal bones in Jordan suggest early dogs helped humans hunt

11,500 years ago in what is now northeast Jordan, people began to live alongside dogs and may also have used them for hunting, a new study from the University of Copenhagen shows.

DATA SCIENCE 08/01 2019

Artificial Intelligence helps dyslexics read

Free software from the University of Copenhagen simplifies difficult texts for people with dyslexia and other reading difficulties. The system is the first of its kind worldwide and has the potential to help roughly 400,000 Danes with dyslexia and other reading difficulties.

Democracy 06/02 2019

No strategy behind Denmark’s military engagement – we follow the United States

It is very much government officials, ministers and the Danish Defence that stage the political decisions to go to war. Denmark's military engagement is only to a lesser extent based on strategic choices and long-term analyses – rather, it is a desire to follow the United States' priorities that sets the agenda.

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