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In VR boys learn best when the teacher is a drone – girls learn better from virtual Marie

The teacher is just as important in a virtual learning environment as in a normal classroom, but a new study shows that boys learn best when their virtual teacher comes in the form of a drone, while girls get more knowledge from VR-teaching when they are taught by a young, female researcher-type named Marie.

Malaria 10/01 2019

Danish malaria vaccine passes test in humans

A vaccine against fatal pregnancy malaria shows promising results in the first tests in humans. The new study conducted at the University of Copenhagen has untraditionally taken a vaccine all the way from discovery of a mechanism through development and production to clinical trials in humans.

DATA SCIENCE 08/01 2019

Artificial Intelligence helps dyslexics read

Free software from the University of Copenhagen simplifies difficult texts for people with dyslexia and other reading difficulties. The system is the first of its kind worldwide and has the potential to help roughly 400,000 Danes with dyslexia and other reading difficulties.

Talent 21/12 2018

Young research talents to be nudged out of their comfort zone

The University of Copenhagen is launching UCPH Forward, a new talent development programme offering ambitious research talents a tailored programme starting in 2019.


Should you eat a low-gluten diet?

When healthy people eat a low-gluten and fibre-rich diet compared with a high-gluten diet they experience less intestinal discomfort including less bloating which researchers at University of Copenhagen show are due to changes of the composition and function of gut bacteria. The new study also shows a modest weight loss following low-gluten dieting.

ETHICS 11/12 2018

UCPH researchers to develop AI code of ethics

For the next two years, a pair of University of Copenhagen researchers will examine ethical dilemmas associated with artificial intelligence. Among other things, they will follow AI research at close quarters, implement ethics in the academic context and develop a code of ethics that describes responsible research practices in the field of AI.

Life expectancy

Less pollution can add a year to a life

If air pollution in the city by 2040 is reduced to the level found in the countryside, approximately one year will be added to the lives of Copenhageners, new research reveals. Pollution from traffic, among other things, is the reason why Copenhageners have reduced life expectancy.

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