10 November 2023

Cecilie Rubow is Teacher of the Year at the University of Copenhagen


At the University of Copenhagen's annual commemoration, anthropologist and Associate Professor Cecilie Rubow has received the Teacher of the Year Award 2023 for excellent and inspirational teaching.

Cecilie Rubow, Photo: SAMF
This year's award recipient, Cecillie Rubow. Photo: SAMF

"Cecilie Rubow is an inspiring communicator who manages to convey difficult material with humour, lightness and great commitment and keeps the common thread sharp throughout lectures and seminars."

So says the nomination for the University of Copenhagen's teaching award, in which 47 first-year students at the Department of Anthropology argue why Cecilie Rubow should receive the award.

The University of Copenhagen's Academic Board on Education Strategy, which is responsible for the award, has now agreed: At the university’s annual commemoration on 10 November, Cecilie Rubow, Associate Professor at the Department of Anthropology, has received the recognition, which comes with a decorated porcelain owl from Royal Copenhagen and DKK 25,000.

For the award winner herself, teaching has always been an important priority.

Cecilie Rubow. Photo: Nikolai Linares
Cecilie Rubow with the award. Photo: Nikolai Linares.

“The best thing about receiving the award is the attention it brings to teaching, not just my own, but to teaching in general at the university. There is so much great teaching going on. There is such a high level of commitment among teachers and students," says Cecilie Rubow.

In addition to awarding Cecilie Rubow the Teacher of the Year Award, the Academic Board on Education Strategy has nominated her for the Ministry of Higher Education and Science's teaching awards together with Svend Skriver, Associate Professor at the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics.

In the field of research, Cecilie Rubow's interest is oriented towards the interface between nature, ethics, politics, and religion in Danish and Nordic contexts.

Watch the video: Cecilie Rubow's reaction to the news that she has won the award


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