Seaborg Technologies

Seaborg Technologies is one of the 290 startups which are hatched every year from UCPH

Impact since 1479

The University of Copenhagen impacts the lives of Danes and changes society. For more than 500 years, the University's researchers and students have produced new knowledge and innovation. This is translated into new businesses and new methods for welfare just as it sows the seeds of sustainable growth.

The University creates knowledge that is used in multiple contexts to solve specific problems and develop society – in Denmark and in the rest of the world.

Impact: How your sneakers travel across the ocean

A test for dyslexia

VR game improves motor skills in cerebral palsy

Research project creates self-esteem, safety and sense of community among refugee children

The Science of Ice Cream

Cathrine Østerberg is the owner of Østerberg Ice Cream. She has studied food science, and her education provides the framework for the knowledge she uses every day when trying to make the perfect ice cream.

Dorte helps Nina to regain her speech

Nina struggles to find the words, but they don't come easy. But things are improving day by day thanks to audiologist Dorte Mohaban Saltoft, who teaches Nina to regain her speech after she suffered a stroke.

Join a defense lawyer at work

Karoline Normann is one of Denmark's best criminal defense lawyers. Join her on a workday when she has to defend her client, who is accused of possession of eight kilos of cocaine.

Join the doctor in a corona intensive care unit

Ulf Gøttrup Pedersen is chief medical officer in the intensive care unit at Zealand University Hospital in Køge and has been on the front line in the treatment of the critically ill corona patients.

Ice core research makes us wiser on tomorrow’s climate

When Helle Astrid Kjær does research on ice cores, we acquire new knowledge that is used to generate climate models for predicting tomorrow’s climate.

Upper secondary school teachers educate and shape the next generation

Watch how Niels Bendiksen Green in three years transforms children into young adults ready to step into the world.

Over two billion people thirst for drinking water

Jiwoong Lee turns sea water into drinking water. That usually requires large amounts of energy, but a new method can desalt the water by the use of CO2.

Join a night shift with the newly trained doctor Andreas

In the film we follow the doctor Andreas, who works in the emergency room at Køge Hospital, on a night shift.

Startup helps promote integration

The firm Elderlearn matches foreigners who are learning Danish with older people. This leads to better integration, a sense of community and less loneliness for the elderly.