3 October 2023

The University Library in Fiolstræde opens to the public


Not as a library or a museum – but as a doorway to the past, present and future of the University of Copenhagen.

The University Library in Fiolstræde
On 3 October, the University Library in Fiolstræde opened to the public.

The library building in Fiolstræde was inaugurated in 1861, but, in recent years, it has been closed to the public. This will now change. Everyone can visit this unique building when the doors open on Tuesday 3 October.
This will give you the opportunity to experience the historically unique and architecturally beautiful gem and gain insight into the University's history. Displays and activities in the building will gradually be developed together with the University's research environments.

“The ambition for the University Library in Fiolstræde is to become an interdisciplinary, physical framework for the University's encounter with the surrounding world. A meeting place that communicates research, history and knowledge and provides inspiration and sparks discussions in new ways," says Prorector Kristian Cedervall Lauta.​

A place of communi​cation and meetings with the outside world​

For 148 years, the library building served as the University Library – from 1861 to 2009. Afterwards, the library service and the last students in the Latin Quarter were moved to campuses, and the building was closed to the public.

On Tuesday 3 October, the University Library – with an overwhelming, two-storey book collection – opens to the public with regular opening hours. Entry price is DKK 75.

At the shop, you can also buy merchandise from the University of Copenhagen – everything from mugs, tote bags, T-shirts and postcards to books about the University's history, buildings and art.​

More information on the Library Building

Visit the University Library

Fiolstræde 1
1171 Copenhagen ​​K

Opening hours
​Tuesday-Wednesday and Friday-Saturday: 10-16
Thursday: 10-20
Sunday and Monday closed

Entrance fee
​Adults 18+: DKK 75​ (card, cash, and MobilePay)
Children under 18: Free entrance

There is an entrance on the back of the building with a ramp through Gate B at Frue Plads. An elevator inside the library gives access to the upper floor.

Groups on more than 20 people are asked to announce it the day before their visit.


The University Library
University of Copenhagen

Fiolstræde 1
1171 Copenhagen K
Email: biblioteksbygningen@ku.dk
Phone: +45 91 32 44 44