28 September 2023

DKK 10 million for new quantum businesses

Quantum research

The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) invests venture capital to pave the way for new quantum businesses. This will provide better opportunities for the University’s researchers to start their own businesses.

Launch of new national strategy for quantum technology
On 23 September 2023, the Danish government launched a new national strategy for quantum technology (Part II) at the University of Copenhagen.

UCPH will accelerate the development of quantum technologies. Researchers in the quantum environment will get better conditions, which will lead to new businesses for the benefit of society.

UCPH will boost commercialisation of quantum research. The University will transfer DKK 10 million to its own investment company, UCPH Ventures, which will be matched with money from the venture fund PSV DeepTech (under PreSeed Ventures). This will lead to investments in several new quantum businesses based on technology developed at the University of Copenhagen.

In addition, a standard express license will be drawn up for spin-outs that will clarify the terms and conditions for partnerships and ensure a faster technology transfer to new businesses. The researchers will also have access to consultancy from external experts in the quantum technology market.

UCPH has offered the Danish government to set up its Quantum House Denmark in the former premises of the Niels Bohr Institute on Blegdamsvej. The building holds modern laboratory facilities and can attract investors and new businesses.

Quantum lab at UCPH
Quantum reaseach at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen. Archive photo.

Need for practical quantum solutions

"With the rapid development of quantum technology, it’s crucial that we, in addition to focusing on research, also provide answers to how it can be used for practical solutions for society. This initiative will give entrepreneurs and talented researchers a better framework and more resources to bring their bright ideas and new technologies into play in society," says Rector of the University of Copenhagen Henrik C. Wegener.

The aim is that more researchers in Denmark and from UCPH will succeed in creating innovative quantum technologies, solutions and businesses. The initiatives are made on the basis of the Danish government's new national strategy for quantum technology (part II).

"Students and researchers from the University of Copenhagen are among the best in the world in the field of quantum research, and they play an important role in promoting Denmark's development of quantum technology. The government has just presented its national strategy for quantum technology that includes a goal to effectively translate our strong research position into concrete solutions for society. I’m therefore pleased to see the University of Copenhagen's announcement that demonstrates their high ambitions for the quantum area," says the Minister for Higher Education and Science Christina Egelund.

Quantum computers, quantum measuring instruments and quantum encryption are some of the technologies that researchers from UCPH are in the process of developing and commercialising – alone or together with world-leading companies.

The University has appointed a quantum coordinator who can coordinate the work between the research environments, the government and the rapidly growing quantum environment. The quantum coordinator will be the former head of the Niels Bohr Institute, Jan W. Thomsen.

"We are on the verge of a quantum technological revolution. With these initiatives, we want to ensure that Denmark is in a leading position and ready to exploit the countless opportunities that quantum technology will create," says Jan W. Thomsen.

The initiatives will be implemented in 2023 and the years to come. In the implementation of the quantum package, UCPH will focus on security in connection with utilising quantum research and technology in close dialogue with authorities.

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Quantum Coordinator at the University of Copenhagen
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