28 July 2020

Record-high intake at the University of Copenhagen


On 28 July, 7,831 applicants were offered a place on one of the University's undergraduate programmes. This is an increase of close to 7 percent compared to 2019 and the highest number of students ever admitted to the University.

Intake 2020

This year, the University of Copenhagen admits a record-high number of new students when just under 8,000 students begin their studies at the University after the summer holidays.

When the many prospective freshers go to check whether they have been admitted to their top priority, the answer will for many of them be a place at the University of Copenhagen. Nearly 8,000 students have been offered admission to one of the University's 73 undergraduate programmes. This is the highest ever student intake.

The number of applicants was record high this year – among other things due to the COVID-19 situation – and it is therefore no surprise that more students than last year have been admitted to the University.

- We’re looking immensely forward to welcoming a new intake of curious and resourceful students. At our University, increasing applicant numbers could mean that we just have to reject even more than we usually do if they all apply for the same programmes. However, the new students have applied for a broad range of programmes this year, which means that we can admit over 500 more than in 2019, Prorector Bente Merete Stallknecht says.

Higher intake on STEM and language programmes

80 percent of the new students have been admitted to their first priority, which is slightly less than in 2019. Luckily, a large part of them have applied for programmes that can accommodate more students and for programmes that are in particular demand these years.

This goes for the language programmes, which have admitted more students this year than the so-called STEM programmes (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

- Admitting more students to programmes that are in demand both politically and by the business community is a positive thing not only for the University, but also for society , Prorector Bente Merete Stallknecht says.

Fewer international students

Not surprisingly, the current situation with COVID-19 means that fewer international students will come to UCPH this year. The number of full-degree students is around 1,000, which is close to last year, while the number of especially exchange and visiting students has gone down.

However, 396 exchange and visiting students from 43 different countries have decided to cross borders and will be attending the University of Copenhagen from September.

Application responses available from 28 July

University of Copenhagen applicants will be notified of admission via the portal Mit KU. The response will be available from 28 July and students should accept or reject the place via the portal. The deadline for accepting an offer of admission is 2 August.

Vacancies are listed on the websites of both the Ministry and the University. The deadline for applying for a vacancy or a standby place is 4 August at 12 noon.

Admissions 2020 by faculty


Admisisons 2020   

Admissions 2019

Change in percentage

Faculty of Humanities



+ 11%

Faculty of Law:



+ 2%

Faculty of Science



+ 11%

Faculty of Social Sciences



+ 4%

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences



+ 2%

Faculty of Theology



- 2 %

University of Copenhagen total



+ 7%