29 August 2019

UCPH-spinout receives support for development of cancer-drug


The biotech company ADCendo ApS, a spinout-company from the Biotech Research and Innovation Centre within University of Copenhagen and Rigshospitalet, has been accepted into the start up-programme Creation House at the BioInnovation Institute. Along with the enrolment comes guidance, support, advanced laboratories and a convertible loan of 10 millionn DKK.

In 2017, ADCendo ApS was established as a spinout-company by researchers from the University of Copenhagen and Rigshospitalet. Their results within cancer research were to be used for drug development. Now, the company has gone a lot further and has just been accepted in the Creation House-programme at the BioInnovation Institute, which is an initiative under the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

The initiative supports entrepreneurial researchers with interdisciplinary business ideas, which can bring the research out into society creating positive changes. Their assessment has been that ADCendo ApS and the researchers behind the idea can do just that with their potential drug candidates for the cancer type Soft Tissue Sarcoma (STS).

“Our results have been very well received, and with the expanded access to BII, as well as the additional financial support, we are looking forward to furthering the development of our clinical candidate. Having created the background through many years of basic cancer research, we are of course very excited about this opportunity to take our results further towards clinical utilization, and we are very proud of having been selected for the Creation House program at BII”.

Decades of Scientific experience
The enrolment in the programme means that the researchers will get access to guidance, support, advanced laboratories and a convertible loan of 10 million DKK.

In order to get the enrolment, the researchers have focused their efforts on so-called antibody-drug conjugates that use the targeting precision of antibodies to affect cancer cells and not healthy cells.

They have concluded that drugs that target the receptor uPARAP look very promising because this receptor is present on cancer cells in several serious cancers, and especially STS.

“ADCendo are covering an unmet need for STS cancer. They are aiming their antibody-drug conjugate at a unique target and can show significant efficiency in relevant animal models. You may argue that other groups have tried similar approaches - what convinced us, is the insight and understanding of that particular type of cancer shown by the ADCendo team, through decades of scientific experience in the field. That, in combination with the heavy commercial skills in the team, is what will make ADCendo succeed in commercializing their treatment to benefit patients,” says Hervør Lykke Olsen, Senior Scientific Business Developer at BioInnovation Institute.

At the same time, the enrolment of the company is a confirmation to the management at Biotech Research and Innovation Centre that there is a coherence between basic research at one end and treatment of patients in the other, explains director, Anders H. Lund.

”The Biotech Research & Innovation Centre (BRIC) has established close contacts between basic research, Danish Biotech and clinicians with the aim to decipher fundamental disease mechanisms that enable the development of procedures and products that are beneficial in combating diseases. The promising results created by the founders behind ADCendo, and the recent successful integration of ADCendo at the Bio Innovation Institute, is proof that we are on the right track with an effective research strategy at BRIC and provides hope for better treatment of several hitherto incurable cancers,” says Anders H. Lund, professor and director of BRIC.

ADCendo is already planning for pre-clinical and clinical trial for their drug candidate.

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