13 May 2019

Crown Princess Mary awards two Australian exchange students


On 13 May, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary gave out the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship to two Australian exchange students at the University of Copenhagen.

For the 15th time, the Crown Princess handed out scholarships to two Australian exchange students at the University of Copenhagen when the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship was awarded on 13 May at a ceremony at the University.

This year's scholarship recipients, Lloyd John Peacock Duncan and Shi Pui Ng, are students at the University of Copenhagen’s Australian partner universities Monash University and the University of Queensland.

High commitment

Common to the 2019 scholarship recipients is a huge commitment both on and outside their studies.

Lloyd is studying for a double degree in Science and Law while also volunteering in a not-for-profit legal service that helps local organisations and communities protect the environment.

Shi Pui Ng is studying for a double degree in Journalism and International Relations and also works for Impact Social Enterprise, which is a not-for-profit student organisation that focuses on the education of young people.

- You did not come here to relax, Lloyd and Shi. And so far you can’t be said to be doing that in your academic work. Not only have you been given top grades, you have also both been involved in NGO work and contributed very explicitly to the surrounding society, Rector Henrik C. Wegener said in his speech to the two Australian exchange students.

Addressing global challenges

In their speeches, HRH Crown Princess Mary and Rector Henrik C. Wegener highlighted that this year's scholarship recipients have both chosen to take courses that address major global challenges.

- You’re both addressing some of the biggest global challenges of our time; Shi, you have an academic interest in intercultural exchange and digital development, while you, Lloyd, deal with international environmental issues through laws and politics. I’m convinced that the University of Copenhagen will benefit greatly from your visions, your ideas and your academic knowledge, the Crown Princess said in her speech to her two fellow Australians.