6 December 2018

Support for a fresh generation of original research talent


Six SCIENCE researchers, driven by original ideas and a desire for leadership, receive roughly six million kroner each from Independent Research Fund Denmark to lead and pursue research ideas at a high international level.

Christa Gall, Irene Tamborra, Sine Lo Svenningsen, Henrik Hjarvard De Fine Licht, Rasmus Heller and You Zhou are the new DFF - Sapere Aude Research Leaders at SCIENCE. Photo: Tariq Khan, Independent Research Fund Denmark

Unveiling the secrets behind the most extreme cosmic fireworks, genetic improvement of livestock by way of natural and artificial gene transfer from wild species, and distant, variable bright objects in the night-sky that will be used to answer fundamental questions about the Universe we live in.

These are a few of the pioneering research projects that six Faculty of Science researchers have received grants to pursue and build their own research teams around.

Independent Research Fund Denmark has awarded this year's DFF- Sapere Aude Research Leader grant to a half-dozen excellent, younger researchers from SCIENCE. Each of these new research leaders will receive nearly six million kroner to head up a research team of their own and conduct research of the highest international caliber. The grant is awarded to Denmark’s most visionary and leading researchers and provides them with optimal conditions for realising their innovative research ideas.

“We have invested risk capital in the very best researchers, with an emphasis on supporting research that holds a wealth of promise for Denmark. Promising projects influence the course of Danish research and directly contribute important knowledge towards societal issues,” says Research Fund Denmark’s chairman, Peter Munk Christiansen.

Thirty-four Sapere Aude Research Leader grants have been awarded by Independent Research Fund Denmark in the current round. Twelve of these new research leaders are from the University of Copenhagen, with six from SCIENCE. Of the 322 applications submitted to the Fund, these thirty-four researchers made the cut after international and academic assessments in the Fund's advisory board, along with interviews in the final phase of the selection process. 

Find out more about these projects on the Independent Research Fund Denmark website.