23 February 2017

EliteForsk Awards for SUND Researchers


Today three researchers at SUND received EliteForsk awards for their work. Two talented PhD students from the Department of Clinical Medicine and the Department of Pharmacy, respectively, each received an EliteForsk travel grant, while the EliteForsk Prize was awarded to a leading researcher from the Department of Public Health.

The Ministry og Higher Education and Research presented the awards at Glyptoteket

Today the EliteForsk awards 2017 were presented at the EliteForsk conference. SUND was strongly represented, and we are proud to present as many as three award winners. Klaus Høyer from the Department of Public Health received the DKK 1.2 million EliteForsk Prize. The prize is awarded to outstanding researchers of international excellence under the age of 45.

In addition, Andreas Stribolt Rigas from the Department of Clinical Medicine and Ulrik Hvid Mistarz from the Department of Pharmacy each received the DKK 200,000 EliteForsk travel grant. The travel grant is awarded to highly talented PhD students to help them perform long-term studies in some of the best research environments in the world. 

Klaus Høyer
Professor at the Section for Health Services Research Klaus Høyer represents the cross-disciplinary humanistic and social science branch of health research. Among other things, he is looking at what happens to our norms when authorisations are challenged by ethics, which thus becomes a form of regulation. He is currently working on a new project on data intensification within the healthcare system.

The money from the EliteForsk Prize will enable him to act fast and establish connections when new opportunities arise. In addition, it will help him close financial gaps in existing research projects, ensuring that the researchers do not have to spend a lot of time applying for small amounts. It will help to ease and streamline the entire process.

’I am incredibly pleased and grateful for having been selected among so many talented researchers, who also deserved the prize. And then I consider it a great recognition of not just my research, but of the entire environment for humanistic and social science research here at SUND’.

Andreas Stribolt Rigas
Andreas Stribolt Rigas is affiliated to the Department of Clinical Medicine. He is based at the Unit for Clinical Immunology (the Blood Bank), where he and his group are studying iron deficiency. Among other things, they have tried to determine which factors affect the iron levels of blood donors, and they are currently looking into the consequences of iron deficiency during pregnancy. The grant will greatly affect the further development of Andreas Stribolt Rigas’ PhD project.

‘As part of my PhD project we have established a collaboration with the University of Cambridge, where we work together on examining which genes regulate iron metabolism. Cambridge has genome-wide data on around 50,000 donors, and we are in the process of obtaining genome-wide data on around 25,000 donors. This will make it the world’s largest study of its kind, and we will be able to identify genes with a still unknown effect on iron metabolism’.  

Ulrik Hvid Mistarz
As a PhD student at the Department of Pharmacy Ulrik Hvid Mistarz is focussing on molecular interactions between protein molecules. Characterisation of these interactions will offer new insight into protein functions at molecular levels, which is essential for various biological and pharmaceutical applications. New and improved analytical methods are required within this area, and among other things, the grant will be used to develop such methods. Therefore, Ulrik Hvid Mistarz will be performing long-term studies at the University of Oxford and short-term studies in Manchester.

’Receiving an EliteForsk travel grant is a great honour and recognition of the many hours I have spent on the project so far and as part of my PhD studies. The two stays abroad give me a chance to collaborate with leading experts within my field of research, which will greatly affect my future research career’.