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Superconductors 7/7 2017

Iron is a suprisingly good superconductor

Due to magnetism iron should be a poor superconductor. Nevertheless certain ironbased materials possess fine superconducting properties. The five unbound electrons found in iron has individual modes of operation, and together they facilitate superconductivity.

Lifespan 28/6 2017

No limits for the human lifespan

In a comment published in the scientific journal Nature, researchers from the Center for Healthy Aging at the University of Copenhagen assess that human lifespan will continue to increase.

Learning 13/06 2017

Exercise improves learning retention for kids

University of Copenhagen study demonstrates that exercise immediately after learning improves learning retention among children.

Collaboration 14/06 2017

Priority partnership with the University of Sydney

A new three-year priority partnership with the University of Sydney involves close collaboration on research, education and student exchange.

Alcohol 06/06 2017

New research provides practical cooking tips for your red wine sauce

Can you get intoxicated by pouring beer or wine into your sauce or stew? New research from the University of Copenhagen and the Carlsberg Research Center creates a model for how alcohol disappears from a sauce.

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