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Climate 19/09 2016

Acidity in atmosphere minimised

Studies of the Greenland ice sheet show that human pollution of the atmosphere with acid is now almost back to the level that it was before the pollution started with industrialisation in the 1930s.

Using ancient DNA, researchers have created a unique picture of how a prehistoric migration route evolved over thousands of years – revealing that it could not have been used by the first people to enter the Americas, as traditionally thought. The established theory about the route by which Ice Age peoples first reached the present-day United States has now been challenged.

Job posting 28/08 2016

The University of Copenhagen seeks a new Rector

After almost 12 years, Ralf Hemmingsen will retire from his post as Rector of the University of Copenhagen as per 28 February 2017. Therefore, the university is now seeking a new Rector to carry on the development of one of Europe's leading universities.

Cancer 02/08/16

Gentle cancer treatment using nanoparticles works

Cancer treatments based on laser irridation of tiny nanoparticles that are injected directly into the cancer tumor are working and can destroy the cancer from within.

Marine biology 11/08 2016

Greenland sharks live for hundreds of years

The more than 5 meter long Greenland shark is one of the world's largest sharks but also one of the least understood animals. A new method based on carbon-14 dating shows a life expectancy of at least 272 years which making the Greenland shark the oldest of all vertebrate animals known.

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