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Inge Lehmann - the first lady to be commemorated on Frue Plads

Inge Lehmann, a seismologist who in 1936 discovered that the inner core of the Earth is solid and not liquid, was honoured at a symposium held at the University of Copenhagen this Monday. Thanks to a donation from The Carlsberg Foundation, Inge Lehmann and her scientific achievements have been given their own place on Frue Plads in front of the University. The Inge Lehmann monument has been created by the artist Elisabeth Toubro and shows both the female scientist and her outstanding contribution to science.

ROYAL REWARD 04/05 2017

Australian Avril and Thomas receive scholarship from the Crown Princess

On Wednesday, HRH Crown Princess Mary awarded The Crown Princess Mary Scholarship to Avril Francis and Thomas Lynch. The two Australian exchange students have chosen to spend a semester studying at the University of Copenhagen.


Spotlight on the history of privacy

The Danish National Research Foundation is ready to grant up to DKK 235 million to four new centres of excellence for basic research at the University of Copenhagen. One of the centres that has been invited for contract negotiations with the Foundation is the Centre for Privacy Studies (PRIVACY), which will be established at the Faculty of Theology. The new centre is to shed light on the historical development of the paradoxical concept of privacy, which is more topical than ever in times of surveillance, Big Data and focus on work-life balance.

Astronomy 19/04 2017

New astronomy center will reveal the cosmic dawn

When did the first stars, galaxies and black holes form? Right now, we don’t know. Cosmic Dawn Center (DAWN) is a new Center of Excellence funded by the Danish National Research Foundation whose main purpose is to uncover how and when the first galaxies formed.

Excellence 25/04 2017

UCPH tops the Nordic bill in Nature and Science

The University of Copenhagen is the Nordic research institution which by far publishes the most in the world's most prestigious and leading scientific journals. In the years 2013 to 2016, scientists from the university were either authors or co-authors of 511 scientific articles in Nature and Science.

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