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Collaboration 14/06 2017

Priority partnership with the University of Sydney

A new three-year priority partnership with the University of Sydney involves close collaboration on research, education and student exchange.

Learning 13/06 2017

Exercise improves learning retention for kids

University of Copenhagen study demonstrates that exercise immediately after learning improves learning retention among children.

Alcohol 06/06 2017

New research provides practical cooking tips for your red wine sauce

Can you get intoxicated by pouring beer or wine into your sauce or stew? New research from the University of Copenhagen and the Carlsberg Research Center creates a model for how alcohol disappears from a sauce.


Inge Lehmann - the first lady to be commemorated on Frue Plads

Inge Lehmann, a seismologist who in 1936 discovered that the inner core of the Earth is solid and not liquid, was honoured at a symposium held at the University of Copenhagen this Monday. Thanks to a donation from The Carlsberg Foundation, Inge Lehmann and her scientific achievements have been given their own place on Frue Plads in front of the University. The Inge Lehmann monument has been created by the artist Elisabeth Toubro and shows both the female scientist and her outstanding contribution to science.

Excellence 25/04 2017

UCPH tops the Nordic bill in Nature and Science

The University of Copenhagen is the Nordic research institution which by far publishes the most in the world's most prestigious and leading scientific journals. In the years 2013 to 2016, scientists from the university were either authors or co-authors of 511 scientific articles in Nature and Science.

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