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Talent 14/09 2017

Young research talents receive prestigious grant

Studies of ants’ farming methods, of the potential health risks associated with acrylamide, of the development of new methods for calculating particle physics experiments and of the properties of junk DNA. The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded prestigious Starting Grants to five young researchers from the University of Copenhagen. The grants will allow them to focus even more on their already promising research career.

Partnership 06/09 2017

Microsoft establishes Quantum Centre at the University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen plays a central role in an ambitious Microsoft multi-million dollar investment. Today, the tech company and the University signed a long-term collaboration agreement on the development of a general-purpose, scalable quantum computer. This is a project which opens up tremendous new opportunities for science and technology.

Antibiotics resistence 08/09 2017

Researchers Break Resistant Bacteria’s Defence Against Antibiotics

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have discovered a method with which antibiotics can have an effect on pathogenic bacteria that are naturally resistant to treatment. In brief, the method targets the bacterium’s energy centre, making it easier for antibiotics to penetrate the bacteria cell and kill it.

Revocation 12/09 2017

The University of Copenhagen revokes doctoral degree

The University of Copenhagen has informed Milena Penkowa that the University has decided to revoke her doctoral degree in medicine. The decision has been made by the Academic Council at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

Major outburst floods 20/08 2017

Satellite photos reveal gigantic outburst floods

Unnoticed by science as well as people living in the area, Lake Catalina, an ice-dammed lake in East Greenland, has been the source of four major outburst floods over the last 50 years.

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