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ROYAL REWARD 02/05 2016

Australian students awarded by the Crown Princess

On Friday HRH Crown Princess Mary gave out the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship to two Australian exchange students at the University of Copenhagen.


Salts in the brain control our sleep

New research shows that the level of salts in the brain plays a critical role in whether we are asleep or awake. This discovery may be of great importance to research on psychiatric diseases such as schizophrenia and convulsive fits from lack of sleep.

agreement 15/04 2016

Danish diabetes expertise reaches Mexico

The University of Copenhagen has signed an agreement with the Mexican health authorities about training Mexican healthcare professionals in diagnosing and treating diabetes. 1,500 Mexican healthcare professionals will go through a training programme and extend their new knowledge to up to 150,000 Mexican healthcare workers.

Obesity 14/04 2016

Obese people can maintain stable weight loss

Maintaining a stable weight loss is the biggest struggle for obese individuals, yet new research from University of Copenhagen now offer overweight people a clearer understanding of how to sustain weight loss.

breakthrough 04/04 2016

Sunlight can be used to produce chemicals and energy

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have discovered a natural process whereby the energy in solar rays breaks down, rather than builds plant material. This so called reverse photosynthesis has the potential to revolutionize industrial production and reduce pollution.

Talents 11/04 2016

Aspiring researchers are budding

246 upper-secondary-school students participate in this year’s Junior Researcher project. Emphasis is on academic virtues and bridge building in UCPH's only cross-disciplinary talent development programme.

Cutbacks 04/04 2016

Only a few small study programmes to survive cuts

Several small study programmes to close at the Faculty of Humanities. Some may continue as elements within new area studies. Government cutbacks in programme finances have forced the Faculty to close programmes.

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