Tommy Ahlers: A big b** was a law student’s best asset


Tommy Ahlers graduated from UCPH with a law degree 20 years ago. He felt the prejudice himself back then that law was an out-of-step education with memorising and the beaten track as key elements. But is it still like that? Together with Tommy, we take a closer look at prejudice about studying law.

As a law graduate from UCPH former minister for Higher Education and Science, Tommy Ahlers, knows all about prejudice, which was certainly true of his own student days. For example that a large part of the time was spent sitting by yourself learning things by heart instead of applying law in practice.

So how about prejudice today? Is it still true, and what has actually happened to the law programme since he was a law student 20 years ago? Together with Tommy Ahlers, we look into prejudice about studying law.



  • UCPH produces around 650 law graduates each year. With only 1.9 percent out of a job, lawyers are among the least unemployed academics in Denmark.

  • In the past ten years, the law programme has been developed and modernised on the basis of input from the legal profession and the public and private job markets.

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