Students develop solutions to companies’ tricky challenges

corporate collaborations

In the course on intervention design, students work together with potential employers to solve real challenges. This sharpens their skills in converting insights into concrete solutions.

How do we break bad biking habits? Sanitise hospital operating rooms in the most efficient way? Counteract violence in the nightlife?

Those are some of the challenges that students have developed solutions to as part of the course on intervention design. Here, organisations and companies present challenges to the students that they themselves have trouble coming up with solutions for, and both students and organisations get something out of it.


  • The students use sociological methods to create insights that they translate into concrete solutions for the organisation or company in question and for society. Often, intervention designs developed by students get implemented
  • Companies and organisations line up to participate and among former participants are The City of Copenhagen, The Royal Danish Theatre and Statistics Denmark
  • Read more about the course (in danish only)

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