11 March 2021

Rector to continue to 2025


Henrik C. Wegener’s name will remain on the door to his rector office at the University of Copenhagen for the next four years.

Rector Henrik C. Wegener greating new students welcome at the matriculation ceremony at Frue Plads
Rector Henrik C. Wegener greating new students welcome at the matriculation ceremony at Frue Plads in August 2018. Photo: Nikolaj Linares

The Board of the University of Copenhagen has decided to extend Rector Henrik C. Wegener's tenure to the end of February 2025.  This comes after the Board has assessed the development of the University over the last years.

The Board has pointed out that the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) continues to deliver significant research breakthroughs in leading international journals and to produce high-quality graduates who are in demand widely in society. The University has a strong position in the international competition for talents, both students and academics just as UCPH annually attracts billions to research and is high up in Europe in terms of winning EU funds. During the corona pandemic, UCPH has proved its great relevance to society and its ability to communicate research results.

"We will continue to develop research and education. All students should encounter research in their studies, be close to the researchers and receive teaching that takes into account what is going on in practice in the job market. We also intend to go on creating up-to-date campuses as characteristic of a modern top university. I'm delighted to be able to continue the good and trusting partnership with Henrik," says Chair of the Board Merete Eldrup.

Rector Henrik C. Wegener has been in charge of setting out and realising the University's current strategy, running from the end of 2017 until 2023. He took office on 1 March 2017 as the 259th Rector of the University of Copenhagen and thus its chief executive.

"A key task for Henrik will be to continue to deliver on the goals laid down in the University's strategic plan. This concerns more cohesion between research and education, between subject areas and focus on efficient administrative processes. Equally important is the collaboration between the University and society, for example between education and practice and between research and employers. And finally, we will continue the work that has already taken us far when it comes to being a unified and focused university, both internally and externally," Merete Eldrup says.

A green university for a sustainable world

In the context of extending the Rector's tenure, the Board has emphasised the importance of the University's contribution to the green transition, both through research and education and with the plans to become one of the world's most sustainable universities. UCPH has just launched a new climate plan.

The Board is also concerned with getting better opportunities to control new construction projects and maintenance, which both pose a major financial challenge for the University. It will continue to be one of the Rector's tasks to provide a better framework for students' and researchers' campus life, modernise auditoriums and adapt laboratory facilities to the current research activities. The University would like to have more influence on its buildings and be in charge of planning, construction, operations and maintenance.

“With our strong academic environments, we aim to leverage the University of Copenhagen’s academic breadth and strong international position to attract and retain even more knowledge and talent to Denmark – for the benefit of society both nationally and globally. The Board is unanimous in looking forward to the continued collaboration with Henrik," Merete Eldrup says.