7 July 2020

Diabetes Researcher and Young Talents Receive Awards


This year, three researchers from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen receive awards from the Bagger-Sørensen Foundation. Professor Karsten Buschard receives this year’s main award for his age-long research into type 1 diabetes.

Professor Karsten Buschard.
Professor Karsten Buschard.

Professor Karsten Buschard has dedicated more than 40 years of his career to researching type 1 diabetes. His work is now being honoured by the Bagger-Sørensen Foundation.

The foundation has decided to grant this year’s Bagger-Sørensen Award to Karsten Buschard, who is professor at the Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UCPH) and Rigshospitalet.

He receives the award for his ‘extensive and innovative contributions to Danish and international research within type 1 diabetes’.

Throughout his research career, Karsten Buschard has left a solid and original mark on various research fields – striving to understand disease mechanisms in type 1 diabetes and possible ways of preventing subgroups of the disease.

“The foundation assigned great weight to this large number of original and innovative scientific discoveries within type 1 diabetes in its decision to grant the honorary award to Karsten Buschard,” says Claus Bagger-Sørensen, Chairman of the Bagger-Sørensen Foundation.

The award comes with DKK one million, of which half goes to the award winner’s research activities.

Awards for Young Researchers

In addition to the main award, the Bagger-Sørensen Foundation also presents two Young Researcher Awards – this year to two researchers, also from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (UCPH).

Assistant Professor Nicolai Jacob Wewer Albrechtsen from the Department of Biomedical Sciences and the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research (UCPH) and Rigshospitalet is one of this year’s recipients of the Young Researcher Award. He receives the award for his innovative hormone research in relation to diabetes.

The other award winner is Associate Professor Tor Biering-Sørensen from the Department of Biomedical Sciences (UCPH) and Herlev and Gentofte Hospitals. He receives the award for his extensive research into improving the prevention of heart disorders in connection with diabetes.

The Young Researcher Award is a personal mark of honour of DKK 100,000. All three awards are presented by the Bagger-Sørensen Foundation in Vejle on 22 October.