11 March 2020

Coronavirus: Measures for students, staff and visitors to the University of Copenhagen


Stay updated on the measures taken by the University in connection with the prevention of corona infection.

Updated 11 March at 22.40

The university closes down from Friday

To mitigate the consequences of a spread of coronavirus, the government has decided that students and staff at all higher education institutions in Denmark are not to turn up at the University for studying or working. All unnecessary activities will be closed down and teaching and physical study activities will cease on Thursday 12 March. Students will be sent home for a preliminary two weeks.

Students do not need to turn up at the University on Thursday 12 March. However, if you need to come and get some material in connection with your studies, you can do that during Thursday. The University will be closed from Friday 13 March. The University will seek to support self-study and distance learning. As far as possible, students should continue their studies on their own and will receive SU.

All of the University's employees who are not necessary for the University's critical operations will be sent home as soon as possible and for two weeks to begin with, starting Friday 13 March. The University – including museums – will be closed from Friday. Only employees who handle critical functions should be physically present at the institutions, also to prepare for the closure on Friday. It is the local manager who decides who should come to work during the closure.

On 10 March, the authorities tightened the requirements for how Denmark is to address COVID-19. The Rectorate has decided to take the following precautionary measures at the University of Copenhagen:

  • All non-necessary social activities for students and staff in the campus areas are cancelled. This applies to Friday bars, parties, celebrations and the like.
  • The teaching continues, but students and staff are encouraged to sit as far apart as possible in the auditoriums. Distance teaching is offered where possible.
  • The University recommends that all work-related travelling be postponed or cancelled, unless of a business-critical nature.
    All planned study tours are cancelled.
  • It should be considered cancelling or postponing large events such as scholarly or administrative conferences with more than 50 participants.
  • All employees and students are urged to follow the authorities' recommendations on public transport, hygiene, etc. Read the recommendations in full.

In addition, the University follows the authorities' guidelines and recommendations and will regularly consider any new initiatives to prevent spreading of the infection.