1 February 2019

Industrial Researcher Prize Goes to Research into Food Supplements for Foals

Research Award

As part of her PhD project at the University of Copenhagen Frederikke Lindenberg developed a food supplement for horses in cooperation with the company Brogaarden. Her research is now awarded Innovation Fund Denmark’s Industrial Researcher Prize of DKK 50,000.

About a year ago, Immulix, a food supplement strengthening horses’ immune system, entered the market. It was the result of Veterinarian Frederikke Lindenberg’s research and PhD project at the Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, University of Copenhagen, in cooperation with the company Brogaarden. Her research is now awarded the Industrial Researcher Prize 2019, which comes with DKK 50,000.

Each year Innovation Fund Denmark awards the prize to three of the most talented industrial PhDs or postdocs affiliated with the fund’s talent programme. The prize winners must have combined great research professional insight with a strong business sense and created commercial value. Frederikke Lindenberg also hoped and aimed to make her PhD project result in a concrete product.

’The end goal was to develop a food supplement for foals capable of stimulating the growth of “healthy bacteria” in the intestines and thus strengthening the immune system. I liked the idea of a very tangible outcome which was within reach if the project succeeded,’ says Veterinarian Frederikke Lindenberg, who currently heads the consultancy and development department at Brogaarden.

’I am very pleased to receive this recognition. Of course, you try your very best when doing research. But it is nice when someone from outside the environment can see the value of it and finds it useful,’ she says.

Follow-up Project with 50 Foals
In her three-year project Frederikke Lindenberg began by studying the intestinal flora and immune system of horses, which at the time had been the subject of little research. They therefore examined which bacteria could be found in horse intestines and which stimulated the immune system positively. Subsequently, they identified the best time for administering supplements with a view to affecting the intestinal flora of foals. Finally, they developed the actual supplement.

Even though she has completed the PhD project, Frederikke Lindenberg continues to cooperate with Brogaarden on improving and further developing the Immulix product. In addition, they are currently conducting a follow-up project.

‘The product will be given to foals in the first eight weeks of their lives to prevent or lower the risk of disease later in life. We would like to follow up on how it works when the foals are five and 10 years and older. We therefore recruited 50 foals last year who had been administered the product. The owners are keeping a small record of the horses’ health, their general condition, diseases and so on. This way, we will be able to see whether horses who have been given the supplement are less ill later in life than other horses,’ Frederikke Lindenberg explains.

The Industrial Researcher Prize and the rest of Innovation Fund Denmark’s prizes are awarded at an event on Friday 1 February at 2pm. The University of Copenhagen was also among the recipients of the prize last year. Here PhD Student Randi Lundberg from the Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences received the prize for her research into how laboratory mice can be optimised to constitute model organisms for research into the human intestinal flora.

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