17 November 2017

Innovation and togetherness challenge prejudice about studying law


This year's Study Environment Award goes to the association ‘Foreningen Argument’, which has helped to improve the study environment at the Faculty of Law with their strong drive and commitment. Part of the association’s recipe is focus on societal perspectives and on a sense of community across research and education. The award was given on the occasion of the University of Copenhagen’s Annual Commemoration held on 17 November.

This year, the association ‘Foreningen Argument’ receives the University of Copenhagen's Study Environment Award for its efforts to develop the study environment at the Faculty of Law. The prize is awarded on the basis of nominations from students and staff at the university, where several people have highlighted the association’s special role in the improvement of the study environment at the Faculty of Law.

The people behind Foreningen Argument are proud and happy to receive the Study Environment Award. They hope to be able to create even more events and initiatives that can promote the study of law in new and exciting ways. 

“The study of law is traditionally regarded as quite conservative so it’s been important for us to break with this rather dull reputation. We try to create an innovative forum where we communicate legal issues in new ways. With the award, we can do even more of that,” says director and founder of Foreningen‘Argument, Markus Gammelgaard Klokhøj.

The University of Copenhagen gives the Study Environment Award to an initiative which has produced concrete results that have strengthened the university’s study environment. The recognition of the award is accompanied by DKK 25,000 for the association's further work with the study environment at the Faculty of Law.

The award comes after a number of years, where reports of increased pressure to perform and competition among law students have contributed to a negative image of the study environment at the Faculty of Law.

“Foreningen Argument strengthens the psycho-social study environment by creating a platform where students, regardless of background, can realise their dreams about a good study environment,” write Soma Mayel, Joachim Slott Sørensen and Sofie Kyllesbech Andersen in connection with their recommendation of Foreningen Argument.

One of the initiatives, which is also highlighted in the nomination for the award, is the concept of 'researcher lunches'. Here, researchers and students meet in an informal setting to discuss current themes and law-related research.

“Argument had invited an internal researcher to give a presentation about President Trump’s first 100 days in office. The event was well prepared and Argument served burgers and coke for the 200 students who came," says Kristian Cedervall Lauta, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law. 

Awards for innovation and teaching

At the University of Copenhagen's annual commemoration ceremony, an Innovation Award and a Teaching Award were also given. This year, the Teaching Award, also known as the Harald, goes to Associate Professor Flemming Fryd Johansen from Biotec Research and Innovation Centre (BRIC) at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. In the nomination from the students, special emphasis was put on his ability to engage and involve digital elements in his teaching.

This year's Innovation Award goes to the research group JJ Holst Lab for the project ‘Gut Hormones as drug targets’. They receive the Award for their work on developing treatment based on basic research. The research group is anchored the Department for Neuroscience and Pharmacology at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

At the Annual Commemoration, the University also confers doctorates and honorary doctorates as well as gold and silver medals to students who have won the University's prize papers.

Read more about the Annual Commemoration and see all the winners, new doctorates and medal winners on the annual commemoration website.