12 September 2017

The University of Copenhagen revokes doctoral degree


The University of Copenhagen has informed Milena Penkowa that the University has decided to revoke her doctoral degree in medicine. The decision has been made by the Academic Council at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

The University of Copenhagen has decided to revoke Milena Penkowa’s doctoral degree, which she was awarded by the University's Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences in 2006. This decision was reached unanimously by the Faculty's Academic Council on 5 September 2017.

The University of Copenhagen has revoked Milena Penkowa’s doctoral degree (model photo).

Milena Penkowa submitted her doctoral dissertation in 2003, where part of the animal testing included in the dissertation had not been carried out. On the grounds of suspicion of this issue, the assessment committee did not accept the dissertation. To cover up these circumstances, Milena Penkowa falsified key documents. This was established in the Danish Eastern High Court's judgment dated 8 September 2016. Had it been aware of this issue, the Faculty would have refused to hear the second doctoral dissertation for which Milena Penkowa was awarded the doctoral degree.

The award of a doctoral degree represents a significant academic recognition for which a high academic credibility is expected, just as the degree is a mark of considerable scientific insight and maturity. Milena Penkowa has not lived up to these prerequisites, the Academic Council has established.

According to the University Act, the Academic Council is the body that confers doctoral degrees. The Academic Council at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences consists of 10 academic staff members, five students, the dean and three technical/administrative staff members. Dean Ulla Wewer chairs the Council.

More information about the matter is available on the University of Copenhagen’s website about the Penkowa case (in Danish only).


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