16 May 2017

Inge Lehmann - the first lady to be commemorated on Frue Plads


Inge Lehmann, a seismologist who in 1936 discovered that the inner core of the Earth is solid and not liquid, was honoured at a symposium held at the University of Copenhagen this Monday. Thanks to a donation from The Carlsberg Foundation, Inge Lehmann and her scientific achievements have been given their own place on Frue Plads in front of the University. The Inge Lehmann monument has been created by the artist Elisabeth Toubro and shows both the female scientist and her outstanding contribution to science.

On 15 May, the Ceremonial Hall at the University of Copenhagen was the setting of a symposium for the Danish female scientist Inge Lehmann, who now has her own monument on Frue Plads. Next to the Inge Lehmann sculpture is a bust of Niels Bohr, and this is the first time since it was erected in 1956 that a new monument has been mounted on Frue Plads.

“It’s high time that we have a female scientist on Frue Plads. I'm very pleased that the work of Elisabeth Toubro honours both the woman and her lifelong passion for science. We need to get research out into the public space, not least at a time when we are challenged by alternative facts," Prorector Lykke Friis says.

Inge Lehmann and her ground-breaking research has long been overlooked publicly. This is remedied now that all passers-by can pause at the corner of Fiolstræde and Frue Plads, consider the sculpture and learn something about both Inge Lehmann and her science.

The celebration of Inge Lehmanns achievements is an important occasion. We must remember to encourage and recognise the very best, because talent is contagious and existing role models within research should be great sources of inspiration for the next generation of scientists,” says Minister for Higher Education and Science, Søren Pind, who revealed the new sculpture on Frue Plads.

At the symposium, Inge Lehmann's research and life were put into perspective by female scientists, her closest relatives and the art community, which with the monument has brought Lehmann's significance to life in the public space. 


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