25 April 2017

UCPH tops the Nordic bill in Nature and Science


The University of Copenhagen is the Nordic research institution which by far publishes the most in the world's most prestigious and leading scientific journals.

The University of Copenhagen is the leading research institution in the Nordic region when it comes to publishing in the world's most prestigious and leading scientific journals, Nature and Science. This is evidenced by figures from the Web of Science database.

In the years 2013 to 2016, scientists from the University of Copenhagen were either authors or co-authors of 511 scientific articles in Nature and Science. This is significantly more than Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, the health-science elite institution, which produced 358 articles. That makes the University of Copenhagen the most influential Nordic institution within natural and health sciences.


Prorector for Research and Innovation Thomas Bjørnholm is very pleased with the new figures.

“Nature and Science are the most influential scientific publications in the world, and if you can make your name in them, you can consider yourself part of the international research elite. So, there’s a great deal of pride in seeing how much room we take up in the Nordic region. One of the underlying reasons is that we have been successful in establishing a number of research beacons. It’s a great pleasure that the University of Copenhagen is at the forefront of the research race.”

Chinese focus pays off

On a top-10 list of individual researchers who publish most often in Nature and Science in the Nordic countries are four names from the University of Copenhagen. Topping the list is Professor Jun Wang from the Department of Biology with no less than 83 articles.

 “Having Professor Wang associated with the University is a good example of what it takes to be part of the elite. We need to appear attractive to the most promising research talents. It took a committed effort to fetch Professor Wang to Copenhagen. This kind of commitment also contributes to supporting and developing our own talent base," Thomas Bjørnholm says and points out that the University of Copenhagen’s leading position in the Nordic region does not rely on just one person.

Professor Torben Hansen, Professor Eske Willerslev and Professor Oluf Borbye Pedersen from the University of Copenhagen are also among the Nordic researchers who publish the most in Nature and Science. These four top-10 scientists account for 159 of the 511 articles from the University. The remaining 352 articles come from a broad range of the university's other researchers.


Jasper Steen Winkel
Director of Communication
The University of Copenhagen
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