31 January 2017

New Director of Copenhagen Health Science Partners


Copenhagen Health Science Partners – a partnership between the Capital Region of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen – has appointed an interim director to head the first, important phase of the collaboration.

Assistant Director Per Jørgensen from the National Hospital of Denmark (Rigshospitalet) will head Copenhagen Health Science Partners (CHSP), the Capital Region of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen’s ambitious research and educational partnership.

“We must have the courage to venture down new paths in order to reach our goals. CHSP represents a completely new approach to strengthening the value chain between excellent research and treatments. It’s a challenging assignment and a huge acknowledgement to be allowed to head the first, significant steps in this collaboration,” says Per Jørgensen.

Per Jørgensen will be Acting Director of CHSP and he will head the combined secretariat throughout 2017 alongside his regular assignments as Vice Director of Rigshospitalet. Before the end of 2017, CHSP management will decide on a long-term appointment.

“Per Jørgensen has proved himself both visionary and efficient as vice director of Rigshospitalet, which is why we are thrilled that Per is willing to throw his considerable experience with both research and treatments into CHSP. It’s a great start,” says Regional Director Hjalte Aaberg.

In charge of strong research units
The collaboration model is based on strong interdisciplinary research units called “Clinical Academic Groups” (CAGs). A CAG consists of a number of regional clinicians, researchers and educators as well as researchers and teachers from the university. The main aim is to create the best possible framework for collaborations across basic research and hospital treatments combined with regional patient experiences.

The experiences from the CAG collaborations will also be used for educational purposes to ensure that future healthcare professionals will benefit from the value generated by CHSP. 

“I know Per Jørgensen really well; from regular meetings between the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences and Rigshospitalet. Per is excellently qualified to help launch the initial four CAGs while simultaneously ensuring that the CHSP collaboration follows our ambitious development plan,” says Dean Ulla Wewer from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

About Copenhagen Health and Science Partners
Greater Copenhagen holds an internationally recognized position in terms of academic health and medical sciences, excellent patient treatments as well as global businesses in life science and medical technology.

The University of Copenhagen and the Capital Region of Denmark already collaborate on promoting health sciences and strengthening research’s effect on clinical practices to the benefit of patients – and now they want to take this collaboration to the next level.

Copenhagen Health Science Partners is a new initiative based on collaborations between UCPH and the Capital Region of Denmark with the aim of identifying, supporting and promoting collaborations between clinical and basic research. Copenhagen Health Science Partners is supported by the top management of both organizations and self-financing has enabled CHSP to establish a number of “Clinical Academic Groups” that combine clinical and basic research as of spring 2017.

Read more here: https://healthsciences.ku.dk/research/collaboration/chsp/


Regional Director Hjalte Aaberg, the Capital Region of Denmark

Director Claus Bjørn Billehøj

through on-duty press officer: +45 7020 9588

Dean Ulla Wewer, the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

through Head of Communication Anéh Christina Hajdu: +45 2122 2692