2 November 2016

Innovation Day full of good ideas and entrepreneurial spirit

Innovation, Education

How do you move forward with your idea? What’s needed to support innovation in teaching? And what is Innovation Hub for? Students and lecturers were given the answer at UCPH's Innovation Day.

The Ceremonial Hall on Frue Plads was full of students with good ideas at Innovation Day in mid-October. The day of inspiration for teachers and students
was the first of its kind, and the constant hum of people exchanging ideas and
experiences suggested that the topic is highly relevant.

Student entrepeneurs shared their tips with other students. Photo: Jonas Fogh

A number of students had brought their innovative projects and their fellow
students as well as participating teachers could hear about how a good idea can
turn into business. The spectrum was broad. Tobias Emil Jensen, a graduate from
Food Science at UCPH, talked about how he, already as a student, had developed
the brewery To Øl, which has become a worldwide success exporting to more than
40 countries.

Entrepreneurship is not only about building a booming
business, but also about creating your own job, said Hanne Harmsen, Head of the
talent area at Innovation Fund Denmark. And a great number of students are doing
just that. Many of the inspirators were students who have taken their good ideas
and are in the process of getting them out and turning them into sustainable

Meet the participants from the event and listen to their great ideas.

Yellow peas and leisure sailers

Many of the projects are apps, for example an app that can track allergies, an app that keeps track of gift vouchers digitally andIndsæt dit billede her...provides an opportunity to sell them and an app that guides leisure sailers to ports with vacant spaces. You could also meet students who, through their study programmes, have conceived ideas for new products. In this way, you could hear about an idea for how to cut down on meat consumption by eating fermented yellow peas instead. The project is currently being tested by chefs, and there were samples of the meat alternative to taste.

Many of the innovative students have chosen an interdisciplinary approach and are teaming up with students from different backgrounds, from another subject area and perhaps even from another university.

A special track for teachers offered various workshops where entrepreneurship and innovation in teaching was the focal point. Here, teachers worked with, among other things, how to get external partners into classroom activities and the coming students' qualifications for working with innovation.

A total of 90 teachers and 150 students came to learn more about innovation at the event which was made in cooperation with CBS and DTU.