2 May 2016

Two Australian exchange students awarded by Crown Princess Mary


On Friday HRH Crown Princess Mary gave out the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship to two Australian exchange students at the University of Copenhagen.

“Studying abroad is often quite different from at home. When you leave the well-known and embark on something new, it is both a big challenge and a great experience. Right now, you are experiencing the cultural differences and similarities between Australia and Denmark, seeing things in a global perspective,” said HRH Crown Princess Mary in her speech to the two recipients of The Crown Princess Mary Scholarship at an event Friday afternoon at the University of Copenhagen.

Tempe McMinn, Winifred Knight, HRH Crown Princess Mary, Prorector Lykke Friis and Australian ambassador Damien Miller. Click on the photo to download in full size.

This year’s recipients of the scholarship are Tempe Antonia McMinn from the University of New South Wales and Winifred Knight from the Australian National University.

Tempe McMinn is doing a Master's programme in law and has a Bachelor’s degree in history and philosophy. With her impressive academic level and high ambitions Tempe is an outstanding student. She is also deeply involved in voluntary humanitarian work both at her university in Australia and for a charity in Zimbabwe. Tempe’s academic interests in particular lie within the field of human rights and social justice.

Winifred Knight is studying for a double Bachelor's degree in Medical Science and Social Sciences. She is an excellent student with strong analytical thinking and a significant academic level. Winifred is particularly interested in health issues on an international scale, including the interaction between health systems and society. Besides her studies, Winifred has been working as a dental nurse and also done voluntary work at a school in Kathmandu.

“You are both outstanding students with a high academic level and strong social commitment. By coming here from far away you have also demonstrated your curiosity. I hope that your time in Denmark and your studies at the University of Copenhagen will give you valuable memories and lifelong friendships,” HRH Crown Princess Mary said in her speech.

Every year, the University of Copenhagen receives almost 2,000 exchange students. They come mainly from the USA, Australia, Germany and Southern Europe.