4 February 2016

University kicks of battle of beautiful data

Visual science

Data can be beautiful and science visualizations can be as great an artistic experience as any work by Pollock, Braque or Picasso. Now the Department of Chemistry at University of Copenhagen, Faculty of SCIENCE celebrates the aesthetic side of science. They are inviting researchers from all walks of science to submit their most delicious data and to join the competition “Art in Science”.

Any kind of beautiful data welcome

Art in Science is a photo contest, but in reality any kind of data will be welcomed. Whether artsy looking data-points, cute laboratory animals, attractive instrumentation, adventurous expedition photos, or gorgeous samples. If your science looks good, snap a picture and upload it to www.artis.ku.dk.

The competition runs from February to May 2016. Deadline for submissions is 29 April 2016 and the winners will be announced at the end of May 2016.

Committee of judges and public favourite

A committee of judges consisting of University of Copenhagen-profiles will choose the winning picture, but public “likes” on Facebook during the contest will also be taken into account - so do not hesitate, upload your picture now to show the public your vision of Art in Science! Read more: www.artis.ku.dk

And vote on Facbnook here: www.facebook.com/ARTiS2016