Why can’t the decision on complete closure be taken now? What is it that UCPH does not know?
- We don’t have an overview of the consequences of the voluntary redundancies. We need to do some very careful calculations of our finances. We need the most up-to-date figures, which isn’t simplified by the fact that numbers about intake, student programmes and student FTEs aren’t readily comparable.  Besides, we need time to consider possible programme mergers and to carry out consultations. Finally, significant trade-offs and prioritisations of a subject-strategic nature must be made.  Financial considerations cannot stand alone.

When will you announce which programmes are closing down?
- This will happen during spring, when the analyses have been made and we have the best possible overview of the situation.

Who has influence on this decision?
- The dean will make the final decision after having consulted departments, the Academic Council, the Student Council of the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty Collaboration Committee as well as employer panels and after a thorough discussion with management. The decision will then proceed as a recommendation to the rector. The final decision is made by the University Board.

Will this create uncertainty for current students? Can students complete their study programmes?
- The students can complete their programmes as planned.

What does it mean for the study environment, if admissions are only allowed every other year?
- It will impact the study environment, but it is difficult to say in what way. Therefore, we also need time to assess whether taking in students at spaced intervals for certain programmes could lead to an increased overall intake, and thereby possibly to a stronger study environment. If we assess that this would weaken the environment more than otherwise, we would not go forward with it, as it would not be a solution to the problems. But there are study programs in Denmark with admission every second or third year, for example the National Film School and the School of Conservation.

Are there researchers who will be dismissed as a consequence of this decision?
- A reduction of staff cannot be avoided, as this initiative is ultimately an imposed cost-cutting exercise and payroll is the heaviest budgetary item at the faculty. But whether it will take the form of layoffs, retirement or voluntary redundancy, we do not know.