18 September 2015

UCPH scientists well represented in Nature and Science


The University of Copenhagen has joined the ranks of the top 50 research institutions that publish the highest number of articles in two of the world’s most acclaimed and influential scientific journals.

The University of Copenhagen has achieved an impressive position in the 2015 index of the acclaimed scientific journal Nature. For the first time ever, UCPH has entered the Top Institutions in Nature and Science Journals’ index, the top 50 research institutions publishing the highest number of articles in the two influential journals Nature and Science.

Nature Index tracks research publications in a selected group of scientific journal in order to provide an indicator of high-quality research contributions from institutions.

The index is an important indicator of the agenda-setting research institutions that produce the most ground-breaking results in particular within natural sciences and life sciences.  Ranked 44, the University of Copenhagen is one of only three non-English speaking European universities in the index otherwise dominated by American and British institutions.

“We’re in excellent company here. American and British research institutions have long been leaders within natural sciences, and now the University of Copenhagen is one of the few non-English speaking institutions to join this league of global top players,” says UCPH Prorector for Research and Innovation, Thomas Bjørnholm.

Articles in Nature and Science are amongst the most cited, and thus influential, natural science publications. Both journals are at the very top when it comes to impact factor, which is an indication of how many times an article published in a journal has been cited by other scientists. Also, both journals’ publication criteria are extremely strict.

Through the eye of the needle

Nature alone receives 200 papers every week from the world’s most talented scientists but merely publishes 16 after a thorough process involving double-blind peer review, where independent top scientists review each paper anonymously. Science accepts an equally small number of papers.

The top-50 index also includes several member universities of the IARU, an alliance of some of the world’s best research universities, including the University of Copenhagen.
The index is based on data from natureindex.com and includes other research institutions than universities, for example the German Max Planck Society and the Chinese Academy of Science. The 2015 index is based on articles published in 2014.