23 June 2015

New Management at the Centre for Military Studies


New management has been appointed at the Centre for Military Studies, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen. As of 1st July 2015, Dr. Henrik Ø. Breitenbauch will serve as Director and Dr. Kristian Søby Kristensen as Deputy Director of the centre.

The Centre for Military Studies (CMS) is an independent university research centre focusing on policy-relevant research and research-based information and innovation, that analyses challenges and opportunities for Denmark’s defence and security policy in a globalised world.

Dr. Breitenbauch and Dr. Søby Kristensen both hold a PhD in Political Science with a focus on International Relations from the Department of Political Science at the University of Copenhagen. Both also have extensive experience with research as well as research based information and innovation for public authorities within the field of defence and security policy from CMS, the Danish Institute for Military Studies, and the Danish Institute for International Studies.

With the new management, the foundation has been laid for further strengthening of CMS in accordance with the agreements between the University of Copenhagen and the Danish Ministry of Defence as a leading European university-based think-tank on defence and security policy.

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Head of Department Lars Bo Kaspersen
Cell phone: +45 31 24 61 61