2 March 2015

The Carlsberg Foundation funds Centre for Information and Bubble Studies

information and bubbles

The Carlsberg Foundation has awarded Professor Vincent F. Hendricks 1,92 million euros to establish the Centre for Information and Bubble Studies (CIBS) which is to be located at The Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen.

"We typically associate bubbles with situations in finance in which assests trade at prices far exceeding their fundamental value. Stock and real-estate may get overheated but the same goes for opinions on the web, social status and a whole range of other phenomena in science and society. One may accordingly consider opinion bubbles, political bubbles, bubbles of social capital, bullying bubbles, polarization bubbles, science bubbles etc.," Professor and head of centre Vincent F. Hendricks  explains.

Professor Vincent F. Hendricks
Photo: Agnete Schlichtkrull

The Centre for Information and Bubble Studies (CIBS) is to uncover the structure and dynamics of bubble emergence across disciplines, domains and institutions. The aim of the bubble studies is to come up with intervention strategies for malignant bubbles like unjustified Twitter-storms while at the same time formulate recommendations stimulating benign bubbles promoting intercultural understanding, public health and the like.

CIBS thus unities philosophy, economics, mathematics, logic, information theory, social psychology and behavioral studies.

Interdisciplinary research with practical applications

"The activities of CIBS stem from innovative interdisciplinary thinking about basic research in the humanities. The research activities promise practical impact and thus the center is a pivotal example of Scientific Social Responsibility. The unique background of Professor Vincent F. Hendricks will make him an excellent director of CIBS," Flemming Besenbacher, Chairman of the Carlsberg Foundation, explains.

Dean Ulf Hedeftoft, the Faculty of Humanities, states:

"It is very gratifying that the Carlsberg Foundation has chosen to support this innovative and highly relevant interdisciplinary project with such a generous and long-term grant. The Faculty of Humanities congratulates Professor Vincent F. Hendricks on an excellent research project and exemplary preparatory work."

The Centre for Information and Bubble Studies will be physically located at the Faculty of Humanities, The University of Copenhagen, and the initial funding will run for five years.


Professor Vincent F. Hendricks
Department of Media, Cognition and Communication
University of Copenhagen
Phone: +45 40 16 80 63
Mail: vincent@hum.ku.dk

Professor Flemming Besenbacher,
Chairman of the Carlsberg Foundation
Phone: +45 23 38 22 04
Mail: f.besenbacher@carlsbergfoundation.dk