29 September 2014

Universities do more

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In the public eye, universities are acknowledged for providing two kinds of services – education and research. But universities do much more, they promote classic virtues such as: to seize the day - carpe diem, dare to know – sapere aude, the value of hard work – semper ardens, and to hurry slowly with reflection – festina lente. These are hardly ever advertised by academia. Why not? Partly because they sound almost archaic. But they don’t have to be – especially not in this digital day and age.

How should these, often tacit, corollaries, footprints or trademarks be conveyed to potential students, the greater public and policy-­makers in an agenda-­setting way going on the offensive in the digital age? A digital age in which people browse on after only a few minutes.

In setting the agenda and going on the offensive it is not enough to give people what they expect, it is to give them what they expect and then some of what they don’t expect. Here is our attempt from The University of Copenhagen:

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Category: Statistics, Marketing

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