1 September 2014

550 students and staff from 'Diversity' of Copenhagen help set Pride record


Some 550 students, employees and their guests participated in this year’s Copenhagen Pride. The group was the largest ever to represent the University in the annual event, as well as the largest contingent participating this year.

There was no shortage of University pride during this year’s Copenhagen Pride Parade. Some 550 students, employees and their guests were on hand on 30 August to ride along on the University’s float.

The Faculty of Law is a long-time participant in the Pride parade. This year, it was the entire University that got in on the act (Photo: Thea Svendsen, 2012)

Prorector Lykke Friis was one of those taking part, and said she was proud of the large turnout from the University.

“I took part as a way to show my support for Copenhagen’s diversity, and I’m enthused that so many others from the University took part that we actually had the largest group out there. That shows me that the University of Copenhagen truly is a place where there is room for everyone,” Friis says.

Educational warm up

As part of the school’s preparations for the Copenhagen Pride, the University organised a number of events related to homosexual rights in Denmark and abroad. One such event – ‘Queering Morten Korch’ – discussed a project by PhD Niels Henrik Hartvigson, which looked into the homo-erotic undertones of the books Morten Korch, an early 20th century author who painted an idealised portrait of rural life in Denmark.

Another event – a panel debate on the subject ‘Sexuality and the Right to Not be Discriminated Against’ – looked into a number of current legal issues. The goal of all the events was to address homosexual rights.

“It is important that the University of Copenhagen, as a major Danish institution, helps to address an issue that affects all of us who live an open and tolerant society like Denmark. Even though they are accepted in society, people defining themselves as LGBTQ still experience more discrimination than heterosexuals. By taking part in the Copenhagen Pride Parade, we showed that the University is united and that we stand together with the LGBTQ community,” Friis says.

University Diversity of Copenhagen

This is the first year the University had a single float for the entire university. The University also changed its name for the day in order to show its support, emblazoning everything from T-shirts to banners with ‘University Diversity of Copenhagen’.

University students and staff have participated in Copenhagen Pride since 2009, when Copenhagen hosted the World Outgames. Each year since, the University Administration has joined with student LGBTQ organisation BLUS to raise the rainbow flag on Frue Plads before the party kicks off.

This year, US Ambassador to Copenhagen Rufus Gifford took part in the flag-raising ceremony.

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