3 June 2013

International researchers deserve the best start


University of Copenhagen collaborates with the City of Copenhagen on the new initiative the International House, which is designed to benefit the University’s international staff. In the new house they will be able to get help with tax documents and residence permits, socialise, and stay in one of the guest rooms.

The University of Copenhagen has 1,366 international staff members

"The number of international staff members at the University has increased from 677 to 1,366 from 2008 to 2013. The international staff is important to the research community bringing new knowledge and different perspectives to a community characterized by increasing competition. Therefore we are working strategically to attract more top researchers from around the world. In the International House Copenhagen we will help the newcomers and their families to settle and get the best start of their new life in Denmark," says prorector Thomas Bjørnholm before the official opening of the International House Copenhagen on 4 June.

The University has hired three floors of Copenhagen's new International House on Gyldenløvesgade that will be open to foreign researchers and visiting researchers, PhD students at the University, as well as international staff at the University Hospital.

Help during daytime and clubhouse in the evening

In the new premises Copenhagen University’s International Staff Mobility (ISM) will meet the newcomers days and evenings. During daytime, legal assistance and help with practical issues such as residence permits and tax documents will be available on the ground floor of the house. In the evenings, the lounge on the first floor will provide space for social activities and act as a clubhouse for self-organised networks.

International House Copenhagen is located on Gyldenløvesgade and opens officially on 4 June 2013.

"In order to attract the best researchers, we must create the best possible environment for their work and family life and offer a complete package. Apart from an exciting research environment, there are other important factors such as housing conditions, social relationships and an easy transition to life in a new country that influence foreign knowledge workers and their families in their decision to move abroad," says prorector Thomas Bjørnholm.

International staff may also rent one of the University’s 31 guest rooms in the house while they look for permanent housing in Copenhagen.

"I have just been hired by the Economics Department at University of Copenhagen. ISM has been of great assistance during the process of getting to Copenhagen and settling in. Both myself and my wife look forward to joining their social activities. In particular I have been to the International House and I like the idea of having a Researchers Hotel. I think that it could ease the process of moving to this lovely city," says associate professor Martín Gonzalez Eiras.

The International House Copenhagen is a collaboration between the City of Copenhagen, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen University Hospital and a number of public authorities and private companies. The house is located on Gyldenløvesgade 11, Copenhagen K and opens officially on 4 June 2013.


Vivian Tos Lindgaard
Head of International Staff Mobility (ISM)
Mobile: +45 30 58 98 09