9 October 2013

University secrets come to life


On the night of Friday 11 October it is possible to visit a number of places at the University of Copenhagen, which usually are off limits to the public. Pay a visit to the hallways at the Rector’s office, Niels Bohr’s study room or the secret church hiding at the old Municipal Hospital.

Did you know that there is a dungeon in the basements under the University of Copenhagen's buildings at Frue Plads? Or that the office of Niels Bohr is left untouched and remains exactly as if he had only just left it yesterday? During Culture Night on Friday 11 October the University opens its doors to the public making it possible to visit its more secluded parts while getting to know exciting stories from the University’s long history.

The dungeon under University of Copenhagen at Frue Plads. In these cells, students were kept on nothing but water and bread should they have crossed the laws of the university.

Meet Prorector Lykke Friis in the Rector’s hallway

Have a look inside the old beautiful buildings at Frue Plads when the University of Copenhagen opens its doors to both the Ceremonial Hall, the hallways in the Rector’s office and the Konsistoriehuset and along with them the old dungeon.

Prorector Lykke Friis gives a tour of the hallways in the Rector’s office situated at Nørregade while talking about what is going on at the University right now. It will also be possible to see the canon ball that hit the University in 1807.
Tours start at 19.30, 20.30 and 21.30 (tours are in Danish).

You can also join a historical tour to the oldest house in Copenhagen, Konsistoriehuset. which also takes you to the medieval dungeon. The tour is guided by University lecturer Thorkil Damsgaard Olsen and University historian Ejvind Slottved.

Read more about the events taking place at the University buildings at Frue Plads (in Danish).

Take a walk in the basements under the Panum building

The maze-like basements under Panum will be open to visitors during the Culture Night. Experience the atmosphere of the cold hallways, walk past the dissection hall, get a look into the researchers’ everyday life and seek out more surprises at Rigshospitalet by walking there through the secret tunnel from Panum.

Read more about the events at The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (in Danish).

Visit Niels Bohr’s office

Visit Niels Bohr’s study room from which he conducted his research for 30 years from 1932 up until 1962. Science historian Felicity Pors is at the office to tell visitors about Niels Bohr, his time and about the department in that period of time at 19.30, 20.00, 20.30 and 21.00.

Read more about the events taking place at the Niels Bohr Institute (in Danish).

Experience the atmosphere at the old Municipal Hospital

On the occasion of the Municipal Hospital’s 150th anniversary in 2013 you are offered the opportunity to experience the atmosphere at the hospital after nightfall and listen to stories about both the past and current life at the hospital. Climb to the top of the building directly below the dome and see the church which otherwise stands unused, take in the room where King Frederik the 9th died in 1972, and get to know the story of a former employee who ended up winning the Nobel Prize.
There are guided tours every hour from 18.00 til 22.00.

Read more about the events taking place at The Faculty of Social Sciences (in Danish).

Go on adventures in the magic garden

Experience the magic, mystery and adventures of the Botanical Garden after sunset on Culture Night. Walk by the lighted paths in the enchanted garden, be enticed by the music of the Neck and the dance of the elven girls’ alluring dance.
From 18.00 til 00.00.

Find more information about the events at The Faculty of Science (in Danish).

Please note that all tours are in Danish only.


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