10 October 2012

See the light at Culture Night


On Friday evening the University of Copenhagen opens its doors, with events, displays and special lectures. Stargazing and beer brewing are among the many exiting opportunities.

Zoological Museum shows creeps from all corners of the world

Follow the lights in the renovated Botanical Garden

Culture Night will be celebrated in all of Copenhagen on Friday 12 October for the 20th time and the University of Copenhagen will take part in the festival with a long list of stimulating events.  

Start the night with a romantic stroll in the recently renovated Botanical Garden where artists will light up the dark with a swarm of stars. There will be numerous lanterns in the sky as well as on the lake and coloured spots on trees and greenhouses.

The Faculty of Science gives you the opportunity to get closer to the real stars when they open the Observatory and the big old telescope from 1895. Here you can have a nice chat with the astronomers who bring their own binoculars and of course enjoy the sight of the starry sky.  

Test your pain tolerance
Sometimes it takes more than a stroll to obtain a long life and at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences you can try out different forms of exercise on your own body and learn more about how dogs and cats also are affected by their owner’s unhealthy lifestyle. If you consider yourself brave, you can test your pain tolerance when researchers and students demonstrate neurological tests and experiment with different kinds of brain tricks.

Copenhagen’s only dairy offers delicious ice cream on Culture Night

Enjoy an ice cream from Copenhagen's only dairy

Brew your own beer
Finally, there must also be room for pure enjoyment when the pharmacists let you brew your own beer with local brewery aspirants who initiate you in the ancient craft. If you have a sweet tooth the Department of Food Science invites you inside the world of food and science where Copenhagen’s only dairy offers delicious ice cream. Last but not least, playing with your food takes on a whole new meaning in the “gastronomic playroom” where food science students and student chefs will come up with new takes on traditional Danish dishes.


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