16 March 2011

Denmark's university hospital for animals opens its doors

Man's best friends

When the Faculty of Life Sciences (LIFE) Veterinary Teaching Hospital officially opens on 17 March, Denmark will have one of Europe’s most well-equipped animal hospitals. The inauguration ceremony will be attended by HRH Princess Marie. The Veterinary Teaching Hospital will be a national referral hospital and will strengthen the treatment options for dogs, cats and more exotic pets. The hospital will provide all types of treatment, from standard health checks to complex surgical procedures and will receive animals from all over Europe. It will also house research in animal health as well as being the primary location for veterinary studies in Denmark.

A dog is being rehabilitatedThe Veterinary Teaching Hospital is located at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Sciences (LIFE), where the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University’s animal hospital used to be before the merger with the University of Copenhagen in 2007. The opening of the hospital guarantees even better diagnosis and treatment options for small animals in Denmark:

“With the new animal hospital we have focused on developing specialist sections, operating theatres, rehabilitation areas and other clinical facilities to provide animals with the best possible treatment, regardless of whether your dog needs a vaccination or something more complex like heart surgery, cancer treatment with chemotherapy or a tailored rehab programme,” says Geoff Houser, Clinical Manager.

Research benefiting human and animal health

In addition to functioning as a standard animal clinic and referral hospital for veterinary surgeons in Denmark, the hospital comprises a number of research units where scientists study diseases in small animals:

An operation at the animal hospital“Pets have the same living conditions as us, which means that they develop many of the same diseases as humans do. For example, when a dog or cat develops cancer, diabetes or obesity, new testing and treatment methods can give us a better understanding of the development of the disease and how to fight it – benefiting both animals and humans,” explains Asger Lundorff, Head of the Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences at LIFE.

Better teaching facilities for veterinary students in Denmark

The hospital also offers veterinary students larger and better teaching facilities, with new laboratories, classrooms and facilities for practical exercises. The Danish veterinary science study programme was recently accredited as one of the three best in Europe out of several hundred European veterinary science programmes:

Veterinarian examines dog“The new animal hospital provides state-of-the-art treatment for small animals as well as teaching facilities that can attract even more Danish and international students and lecturers, further boosting Denmark’s leading position in Europe within veterinary science,” says Rector Ralf Hemmingsen, University of Copenhagen.

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital, University of Copenhagen will be officially inaugurated in the presence of members of the Danish Royal Family on 17 March 2011.