22 March 2011

University Board: No subjective administration in Penkowa case


Neither Rector nor anyone else at the University of Copenhagen has acted subjectively in the administrative handling of the case concerning Milena Penkowa. She also did not receive any preferential treatment in her appointment. This is concluded in the thorough report of the Penkowa case produced by Kammeradvokaten (the legal adviser to the Danish government).

In 700-page long the report, Kammeradvokaten states there is no basis for raising severe criticism towards Rector or other staff at the University. However, Kammeradvokaten does point out that the University’s routines and preparation must be improved, for instance when documenting its handling of cases and the legal position of its students.

Kammeradvokaten has since January on the Board’s request worked on reviewing all internal material and questioned key personnel from the University on its handling of the case. The report (in Danish) is now available on the University’s website: http://nyheder.ku.dk/penkowa

We will take note of critique

The University Board dealt with the issue at a Board meeting and handed over the report to the Ministry of Science today.

“I am very pleased that the University of Copenhagen and Rector have been cleared from the very serious allegations implying preferential treatment of Penkowa. However, it is also clear that there are situations where the case could have been handled better. This concerns both the nomination of the Elite Researcher Award and the handling of the case regarding the student, who was falsely accused by Penkowa. The Board and Rector will take note of this critique and see it through to the end,” says Chairman of the Board Nils Strandberg Pedersen.

Nils Strandberg Pedesern is pleased that Kammeradvokaten’s report sheds lights on what actually happened in the Penkowa case. Everyone is now able to see the University’s entire handling of the case. The Board emphasises that Rector now must follow up with a plan on how the University can better its routines in cases of fraudulent research as well as the legal rights of its staff and students.

The Board is looking forward to the results from other investigations by amongst others the Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty, the international researcher judging committee, the police and the National Audit Office of Denmark.

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