1 February 2011

Take a summer course at Scandinavia's biggest university

Continuing education

It only takes a week to get a couple of years wiser! Sign up for Copenhagen Summer University, the University of Copenhagen’s new intensive summer programme for professionals.

Rammen for Copenhagen Summer University er universitetets smukke campus på Frederiksberg; LIFE - Det Biovidenskabelige Fakultet.We could all stand to learn a little more. The Chinese proverb about the frog at the bottom of the well that could only see a fraction of the sky above could be applied to the situation many of us find ourselves in today – busy careers requiring us to keep up with developments in our field leave limited time for personal development or renewal. Copenhagen Summer University is intended as a way to help us out of our wells and give us a new perspective on our career. The initiative is an effort by the University of Copenhagen to enter into the market for continuing education for professionals by offering 22 new week-long courses starting on 15 August.

“Today, developments happen so quickly that our skills can easily become outdated unless we keep them up to date. We have established Copenhagen Summer University as a way to give professionals who have been in the workforce for several years an introduction to what’s new in their field. And since August tends to be a slow month at many workplaces, it is the ideal time for people to find time for personal renewal,” says Rector Ralf Hemmingsen in connection with the launch of the summer initiative.

Research, renewal and reflection

The courses will be taught by leading University of Copenhagen experts and instructors who will present the latest research – everything from state-of-the-art techniques and current events to the principles of advanced light microscopy and crime prevention.

“Most of us have a busy workday, and we know what it’s like to try to keep up with developments one small bite at a time – we’re hungry for more soon after. Copenhagen Summer University will be a full meal that draws on all the resources the university has to offer,” says Peter Stolt, the head of the Department of Continuing and Professional Education.

He underscores that true personal development and professional renewal occur in the crucible of research-based instruction, together with inquisitive course participants and individuals who are open to contributing their experiences.

How will the next generation of computers be programmed? What effect will the rapid growth of social media have on tomorrow’s corporate communications strategies? Is existentialism an essential element of corporate coaching? Those are just a few of the questions the 22 courses will seek to address.

Historic Frederiksberg campus

Copenhagen Summer University courses will be held at the University of Copenhagen’s Frederiksberg campus, whose historical buildings and lush gardens provide a relaxed backdrop for learning and networking. Some courses requiring special equipment and laboratories will be held at other University of Copenhagen facilities.


Peter Stolt
Head of the Department of Continuing and Professional Education
University Education Services
Mobile: +45 40 41 40 39