30 June 2011

Companies offered free licences for inventions


The University of Copenhagen, together with three British universities, has introduced the concept ‘Easy Access IP’, which makes it possible for companies to license selected university inventions and technologies for free.

Easy Access IP - rewarding new ideasThe University of Copenhagen has become part of the Easy Access IP technology transfer programme.  The move comes after years of collaboration between the university’s Tech Transfer Unit and the concept’s originator, Glasgow University’s Tech Transfer Office, and reflects the university’s decision to narrow its focus to selected inventions that are advanced enough in their development that they can be commercialised with little or no further resources.

Other inventions and ideas, typically those that are early in their development or have less certain prospects, will be made available to be licensed for free by companies and individuals through the Easy Access IP programme. The university hopes that the programme will contribute to increased technology and knowledge transfer.

Passing on knowledge to society

In addition to the University of Copenhagen and Glasgow University, King’s College London and Bristol University will also be participating in the Easy Access IP programme.

“The concept is in line with the University of Copenhagen’s philosophy of passing on as much knowledge as possible to society. We are always prepared to try out new initiatives, and I hope that Easy Access IP becomes one of a number of channels we can use to establish relationships with an increasing number of companies,” says University of Copenhagen Prorector Thomas Bjørnholm.

The University of Copenhagen hopes that Easy Access IP can attract companies it normally would not collaborate with.

“We still plan to protect and commercialise inventions just like we do now, and we will continue to make commercial licensing agreements. But inventions that are in their early phases of development, or whose prospects are less certain, might not have a market yet, and it is these inventions we want to use Easy Access IP to offer free licensing in the hope that the companies or individuals might see some potential in them,” says Karen Laigaard, of the Tech Transfer Unit.

Licences and special conditions

Special conditions will be tied to the licences that companies receive in order to protect the inventors, such as:

  • The inventors must agree to their invention being offered through Easy Access IP
  • The licensee must indicate how the invention will be improved upon, and what benefit it will be to society
  • The university must be able to continue to conduct research in the relevant field
  • The licensee is responsible for all costs related to patent application

Inventions that are licensed competitively, as well as those offered under the Easy Access IP programme, will be listed online at erhverv.ku.dk/english. The website will also include links to Easy Access IP inventions offered by the other participating universities, further information about Easy Access IP and a basic Easy Access IP licence agreement.

Contact information

For more information, please contact:

Karin Laigaard
Director of Technology Transfer
Research & Innovation, Tech Transfer Unit
Tel.: +45 35 32 70 54
Mobile: +45 28 75 70 54