18 August 2010

University of Copenhagen number 7 in Europe

According to the just published Academic Ranking of World Universities, which is done every year by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, The University of Copenhagen is placed as number 40 worldwide and number 7 in Europe. This is a small jump up the list from last year's number 43 worldwide and number 8 in Europe. The University of Copenhagen is still number one in Denmark and the North.

The progress is largely due to the fact that the researchers at University of Copenhagen have been publishing more scientific articles - this ranking system particularly favours the journals Science and Nature. Other factors that are taken into account are the number of Nobel Laureates among researchers and alumni from each institution, as well as the number of research citations - that is, the number of times a university's researchers are cited by other researchers in their publications.

Every year, a number of university rankings are published. The universities' placement on the ranking lists vary according to the criteria used by each ranking.

Read more about this ranking at www.arwu.org