12 May 2010

Australian students receive Crown Princess Scholarship

Today, HRH Crown Princess Mary and Rector Ralf Hemmingsen awarded the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship to two Australian students.

The recipients are Carly Bodkin , University of Queensland and Jasmine Still, Australien National University. Carly Bodkin studies mathematics and is following courses at the Faculty of Science, while Jasmine Still studies law and language and are taking courses at the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Humanities.

Carly Bodkin (b. 1988), University of Queensland

At her home university, Carly studies mathematics. So far, Carly has achieved very high marks in her studies, and has been awarded "Dean's Commendation for High Achievement" several times. She has also received a Summer Research Scholarship for a summer research course at the University of Queensland. In her application essay for the Crown Princes Mary Scholarship, Carly demonstrated enthusiasm for her field of studies, and on top of her own studies she has worked as a tutor for other students. In the future, Carly plans to do a PhD in mathematics, preferably at a European university. Associate Dean (Academic) at the Faculty of Science, University of Queensland, Peter Adams, emphasises Carly’s personal and academic abilities. He expresses a high degree of satisfaction with the work Carly has done for the Faculty, and supports her ambition to attain a PhD.

Jasmine Still (b. 1988), Australian National University

At her home university, Australian National University, Jasmine studies arts and law; specifically Spanish and history in the Faculty of Arts. Jasmine’s goal is to be able to work internationally, and as the Faculty of Law at the University of Copenhagen offers several courses with an international focus, this university was a good match for her. Jasmine has also achieved very high marks in her studies at ANU, and she is referred to by a teacher, Dr. Paul Burton, as being in the top two per cent of his students of all times. Jasmine has travelled in Asia, where she, besides learning language and culture, has taught English. In 2006, she participated in UN Youth Association of Australia where she represented the Dominican Republic. Jasmine has received several scholarships/grants from ANU on the basis of her high academic level.

The Crown Princess Mary Scholarship

The Crown Princess Mary Scholarship was as part of the University of Copenhagen's wedding gift for the Crown Prince couple. This year was the sixth awarding of the scholarship. Each year, the University invites the Australian partner universities to nominate a student for the scholarship. The Danish scholarship committee then selects two candidates to be approved by the Rector's Office. Each scholarship consists of DKK 10,000 and is intended as a financial aid for studying in Denmark.