29 January 2010

University online courses yield impressive results

The students' marks are above average, the drop-out rate is below average, and study activity and student satisfaction are high. These are some of the conclusion of a report on online courses at LIFE, University of Copenhagen.

The report also establishes that the e-learning activities have improved the Danish university faculty's position on the global market for education and provided opportunities for working together with lecturers from universities of good repute in other countries, including the US.

- The success of the distance learning activities of the Faculty of Life Sciences makes it abundantly clear that a focussed and strategic effort in this area pays off. The Faculty is able to enhance the quality of their education while at the same time creating increased focus on internationalisation and study effectiveness, says Danish Minister for Science and Technology, Mr Helge Sander.

LIFE launched its focussed online course activities in 2002, and the experiences gained are disseminated in a report published by the Danish National IT and Telecom Agency today, 27 January 2010.

The report describes the profits to both students and the Faculty, and also how the strategic and practical work involved with the development and implementation of the courses is handled.

Download a summary of the report here (pdf)

Three of the online courses that are offered by LIFE have been supported financially by the Danish Government's ‘National Strategy for ICT-supported learning'.

For further comments from Minister for Science and Technology, Helge Sander, please contact Head of Information at the Ministry, Allan Boldt, tel: +45 3392 9739, abo@vtu.dk

More information about the report, which has been published in Danish at the National IT and Telecom Agency's website www.itst.dk, is available from:

  • Michael Rytkønen, e-learning consultant, at LIFE-Faculty of Life Sciences, tel +45 3533 3661, miry@life.ku.dk or
  • Marianne Mazaheri, Head of Section, the Danish National IT and Telecom Agency at tel +45 3545 0131, mma@itst.dk