21 February 2006

Agnes Heller to receive the Sonning Prize

The Hungarian philosopher and author, Agnes Heller, is to be awarded the 2006 Sonning Prize. 

The Sonning Prize, which is Denmark's largest cultural award (DKK 1 million), is given every other year by the University of Copenhagen for "commendable work that benefits European culture".

Agnes Heller, the author of 40 books, has described European culture for 50 years with creative talent, political wisdom, moral energy and intellectual integrity.

She has been greatly committed to topics such as justice, morality, emotions, society, politics, history, art and science. She has been in dialogue with Europe's masterpieces - by Kant and Nietzsche, Aristotle and Heidegger, Shakespeare and Kierkegaard - on the terms of human existence.

The award will be presented on Wednesday, 19 April 2006 in the Ceremonial Hall at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.